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Best Places to Travel in March

Europe is improving weather wise and Italy should be pleasantly warm and not very busy in the typical tourist spots. Asia is still good, so why not try India before the monsoon season? If that's not your thing go for the American dream: Florida is in high season with hot, dry weather, New York is also a good bet before the sticky summer. In South America it's an excellent time to visit Cuba where it's dry season. In Argentina, Patagonia has pleasant weather but be careful of some very high winds at altitude. My choice? The Maldives where it's dry and temperatures are sitting between 25-30°C, ideal! 

Top destinations in March
The best places to go...
Italy, Asia, America, Cuba, Argentina, the Maldives 
To be avoided...
Going on safari in Kenya is a no go as it's almost invisible under heavy rains and Canada where you'll be left with the aftermath of melting winter slush and annoyed by mosquitoes waking up for springtime and Miami where Spring Break is in full swing (unless you're in the mood for a non-stop party).



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