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If you are thinking of travelling to Vienna, here are 23 photos which might just make you book a flight to this amazing city! Vienna, the capital of Austria and one of the most elegant cities in Europe, is a must-visit any time of the year. Apart from art and architecture, the city offers many unique experiences, such as its traditional coffeehouse culture, magical Christmas markets and vineyard hopping in the city itself.

Karlskirche, Vienna

Belvedere Palace,  Vienna

Make sure you also visit the museums. Also wonderful in Winter.

Votive Church,  Vienna

Most impressive in spring as in front of the church there is a lovely park. Tip: Magnolia Tree (April-May)

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Stunning architecture and amazing foyer with a cafe-restaurant.

Theseustempel /Volksgarten

Make sure you leverage good light in the golden hour, Beautiful roses.

Vienna Burgtheater,  Vienna

The beautiful facade, whose white marble has recently been cleaned, is adorned with statues of famous writers like Goethe and Schiller and allegoric figures depicting love and hatred.
Inside, the Burgtheater provides a festive atmosphere for great cultural events.
You might think taking a guided tour inside to take photos, I did it and it is highly recommended.

Stadtpark,  Vienna

One of my favorite Public Parks in Vienna. Includes the Johann Strauss Denkmal and a nice lake in the middle with ducks. . Make sure you visit on the corner to the Ring the beautiful flower shop. Its my favorite in Vienna.

Augarten Park, Vienna

see my seperate Blog Post for more photos Vienna Augarten Baroque Park (Click) . Best in spring (blossoms) and autumn ….colorful leaves

Goldenes Quartier, Vienna
winter romance

Graben Wien (Graben 30 Bar), Vienna

Head to the 2nd or 3rd floor of the bar to get perfect shot over the Vienna Graben

Judenplatz,  Vienna

lovely old square in the city center

Palais Lichtenstein,  Vienna

Vienna Prater

Vienna largest public park. (larger then the Central Park in New York City).

Vienna Old Streets, Vienna
Some other nice streets and squares around inner city include: Minoritenplatz, Judenplatz and Kurentgasse. I think if you are after Viennese street scenes you won’t have trouble finding them by wandering around the inner city.

Austrian National Library,  Vienna

This library definitely isn’t the easiest for Instagram as it’s so wide. At night it gets light up and also look nice.
Tip: If you happen to be in the city just after rain, then you might find puddles such as below where you may get perfect reflections. This makes it a lot easier to take a picture that is square or portrait (landscape crops aren’t that great for Instagram). You could also try using a wide angle lens and then take pictures closer to the building.

Palace of Justice,  Vienna

The interior of the Palace of Justice is almost a hidden gem. The main attraction in this building is the floor and architecture in the main hall towards the entrance. Head up the stairs and then go towards the back for a high perspective.
Another good spot is to head up the elevator to the top floor and visit the Justizcafe which has an outside patio overlooking the city.

Schönbrunn Palace,  Vienna – TOP Wedding Photography Spot

towards the right and left hand side of the gardens are some awesome tunnels for photography . Best in Spring (Blossoms) and Automn (colorful leaves). Also winter shots are perfect. Make sure you are there early in the morning to get moody shots. 

St. Peters Church /Graben, Vienna

Very impressive church along the Graben. Also take pictures from Inside!

Christmas markets,  Vienna

Vienna totally embraces in the Christmas spirit. Although you will find decorations all throughout the city, here are some of the best spots to find lights and decorations.

Heldenplatz /Hofburg,  Vienna

The center of Imperial Vienna. 

Vienna City Hall,  Vienna

Opposite to the Burgtheater one of the most impressive Buildings of Vienna.

Burggarten,  Vienna

Built from Imperior Franz Josef for his wife Sisi. One of my favorite Public Parks.

Gloriette – Schloss Schönbrunn Palace,  Vienna

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